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Denise Hill is currently a speech writer and senior editor at a government agency and also a professional freelance writer and editor. She has written and published over 200 online articles, ghostwritten a book and has an array of publishing and editing experience. She is a competent, creative and a deadline driven professional.

5 Reasons Why You Should Incorporate Beach Running Into Your Workouts

One of the most significant benefits of running on the beach is you increase the benefits of exercise while being able to shorten the duration of the workout.

This Free, All Natural, Ancient Japenese Therapeutic Practice Is Sweeping The US

Studies have demonstrated a wide array of health benefits, forest therapy provides especially in the cardiovascular and immune systems, and for stabilizing and improving mood and cognition.”

Is Homework Helping Or Hurting Your Kids? The Debate Continues…

Educating children is a team effort. If the whole team does not buy into the belief system, whatever techniques are employed will become void and ineffective.

Before Refinancing Your Home Make Sure You Do The Math

Refinancing your home at the right time and with the right terms could save you thousands of dollars long term. On the other hand, an ill-advised refinance could tack on years to your current mortgage and cost you thousands in out of pocket expenses.

Studies Show Art Therapy Is An Effective Way To Reduce Stress

No matter what medium you choose making art is good for the body, mind and soul–even if your creation resembles the deranged scribbles of a grumpy toddler.

What To Do When Your Partner’s Changes Threaten The Relationship

Humans remain in a perpetual state of change. We are getting older, gaining more knowledge and learning new things.

Studies Show, Not Only Do Opposites Attract But Their Relationships Thrive. Here’s Why

If both of you are exactly the same, one of you is unnecessary.

Studies Show That Overapologizing Can Actually Make You “Sorry”

Over apologizing can actually effect your self-esteem and self-perception. It’s the law of the self fulfilling prophecy.The more you say you are sorry, the more you will believe it and ultimately become it.

7 Indicators That Can Determine How Long Your Marriage Will Last

There is no recipe or secret to making a marriage last, there are however some key indicators that you may be on the right track.

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